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Our Pad Printers are 'Closed Cup'  and thus health and 


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Training Manual & DVD supplied with each machine.
These will take you from artwork to plate making and printing.

About Pad Printing

The pad printing process was initially developed in Switzerland to print onto watch faces. However, as technology as moved on, it is now also possible to pad print onto 100's of products of various shapes and sizes.

With pad printing, the surface to be printed onto can be flat, irregular shaped, concave or convex. This makes the pad printing process extremely desirable when compared to other forms of printing.


A basic  pad printing set up will normally consist of:-


a) A pad printing machine
b) A plate/cliche maker
c) Blank water washable plates/cliches

c) Different shaped pads

d) Screen tint and artwork paper

e) Inks and retarder
f) Inks
plus a few other minor accessories.

We can supply you with a complete ready-to-start kit along with full instruction as well as a training DVD

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line.


An overview of  pad printing application

Step-by-step process from making a cliche to

pad printing. With your purchase, you will receive a longer and more in-depth training DVD with narratives. Although the video is old, nothing has really changed in the look of the machine nor the application.
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Wish to expand your horizons? 

... then why not look to add a small hot foil stamping machine alongside your pad printing business to give you an even larger scope to tap into the lucrative market of personalisation!   Please click here to visit our specialist website for full details.

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