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General Purpose Pad Printing Ink

General Purpose Pad Printing Ink


1 Litre Ink
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  • Product Info

    General Purpose Inks for Pad Printing are supplied in 1 litre tins.
    Various Colour Options Available - Colour shown as a guideline
    Thinner is required to adjust ink to the correct viscosity.


    One- and two-component paint with the possibility of adding a hardener.

    Used for printing on:

    aluminum, ABS plastics, lavsan, polycarbonate, processed polyethylene, polymethacrylate,

    polypropylene, polystyrene, polyurethane, polymethacrylate, self-adhesive PVC film, rigid PVC, paper and cardboard.


    The chemical-physical properties can be enhanced by the addition of a hardener.

    Fast drying, glossy surface and good opacity.

    If used as a two-component, 1000H hardener must be added at a ratio of 10:1.


    Not suitable for objects intended for long-term outdoor use.

    Good resistance to alcohol containing liquids.

    To achieve good resistance to gasoline, detergents, oils, etc., 1000H hardener must be added. Stability tests should be carried out no earlier than 3-4 days after printing.


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