UV Exposure Units

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UV Exposure Units.

Also known as Ultra Violet Exposure Units and UV Light Boxes are widely used to expose  polymer hot foil and letter press plates. The machines are also suitable for Pad printing clichés, PCB Boards, Sandblasting & Glass Etching Stencils, Cyanotype, Argyrotype, Gel etc. 

(Not suitable for exposing screens as used in screen printing).


For high quality work, we would recommend a UV Exposure Unit with built in vacuum for better contact between artwork and items to be exposed.

Items shown as 'Out of stock' are available as special orders and are British Made UV Units. Please contact us for further details and availability.

An introduction to the UV Ultra MK3 Exposure Unit


In this video, 'Dundee Contemporary Arts' demonstrate how they use their UV Ultra MK4 Exposure Unit from Creative Printers of London for exposing Cyanotype and Argyrotype