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Let's welcome the Colop e-mark Inkjet Printers! :)

New to CPL!

The Colop e-mark inkjet printers are great handheld machines that are controlled via an App which can be used on Android, IOS and even by a Windows PC (driver needed). They work off WiFi or USB and are battery operated making them very portable. We know that portability can be a must for some and a desire to be able to create designs quickly on the go too.

With the e-mark you can print on a variety of absorbent surfaces, including books, paper, cardboard, napkins, wood or cork.

The maximum size print area is 14.5mm x 150mm. The e-mark is equipped with a tricolour ink cartridge (ink jet), which makes printing in any colour combination possible. One cartridge holds up to approx. 5,000 imprints.


· Multicolour imprints (add logos and images to imprints)

· Battery-powered for highest mobility and flexibility

· Storing up to 4 imprints permanently on the e-mark

· Applicable on all absorbent surfaces

· Sophisticated App for unlimited imprint designs

· Automatic date, time and numbering function

· QR-code and barcode generator

· Extensive range of ready-to-use stamp-imprints

· Create own and personalised imprints

· Modern and ergonomic design

· “Plug and play”

There are different accessories to use with the machine which can all be viewed on our dedicated web page;

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