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I am very excited to share with you the CPL EZ Cut die cutting machine!

Exerting over 1 ton of pressure, it’s perfect for creating your own custom leather goods from credit card holders, wallets, luggage tags, key fobs to shoe tags and can even create the punch holes into your leather at the same time as cutting, depending on the shaped die or form you are working with.

Die cutting forms are available from specialist suppliers all you need to do is send them your artwork.

Perhaps you then want to personalise your leather items using the FoilCraft Machine? Just a thought - this could help maximize your profits if bringing all in house!

The CPL EZ Cut is height adjustable, easy to use and made from steel so extremely sturdy. It works best with thin leathers and small cutting areas to ensure the most amount of pressure is applied to the cutting area.

More information can be found by clicking here.

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