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Glass Etching (Hobby)

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Step by Step Instruction

Create artwork in mono onto 
vellum paper using a laser printer,
and trim to size.

Trim Stencil in subdued light and cut
to slightly larger size than artwork. Place stencil on top of artwork in UV Exposure Unit & expose to UV light.

 After exposure, remove stencil from UV Ultra and peel away protective film from both sides
(which you can now discard).

Carefully wash both sides of stencil with Developer using a soft sponge.

Blot excess water using kitchen towel and dry with a hair dryer.

Hold stencil to glass using masking tape and apply Activator within the design area to ensure a 
perfect contact with glass.

Apply glass etching creme liberally
on top of your design and leave it to stand for about 5 minutes (before scooping it up and putting it back into the pot for re-use).

Next, carefully remove stencil and tape. Stencil can be washed and reused again for the same design!

Your glass is now etched permanently! Wash and dry glass and stand back and admire your work of art!

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