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Glass Etching Starter Kit

Glass Etching Starter Kit


Glass Etching Starter Kit
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  • Product Info

    This is a hobby level galss etching starter kit without the issues often associated with sandblasting machines of noise and dust.

  • What's in the box?

    The Glass Etching Starter Kit consists of:-

    1) British Made UV Stencil Making Unit 
    2) 2 x A4 Sheets of Artwork Paper for use with laser printers 
    3) 2 x 8”x11” Screen Film 
    4) 1 x 50ml Activator Solution 
    5) 1 x 16oz Stencil Developer Solution 
    6) 1 x Squeegee 
    7) 1 x Glass etching crème 
    8) 1 x Washout tub 
    9) 6 x Q Tips & Washout Sponge 
    10) 1 x Roll of Masking Tape 
    11) 1 x Powerful Magnifying Loupe to check the quality of stencil 
    12) Safety Goggles & two pairs of Latex Gloves
    13) Instruction sheet (Free of Charge)
    14) Health & Safety Data Sheet (Free of Charge)


    Total package price is £232.25 + Shipping + VAT

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