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EZ Etching Press -  Now Available!

EZ Etching Press - Now Available!

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  • Product Info

    If you are starting out into print making, then you will find our low cost and extremely durable "EZ Etching Press" as an excellent investment!

    With 2 x14" wide rubberised rollers, you are guaranteed excellent results!*

    The EZ Etching Press is robustly manufactured.
    It is compact and also can be stored away on a small shelf. As desk space if often at a premium, you will find that the EZ Etching Press will answer all your problems!

    Weighing just around 6 kgs, it can easily be transported from location to location with ease.

    The distance between the two rubber rollers can easily be adjusted by as much as 10-15mm thus making it great for lino cutting too!

    Pressure on the rollers can be applied by adjusting two wheels on top of the machine.  Special bearing used in the manufacture of the EZ Etching Press makes it effortless to use. By simply turning the large wheel in either direction, the media can easily be fed forward or backward with remarkable ease.

    The EZ Etching Press is best used with a mounting board.
    You can also make these cheaply yourself from using offcut MDF/Plywood available cheaply from your local DIY store or ebay, if required. Maximum overall distance between the two rollers is about 15mm. Therefore, the combined height of the bed and media must not exceed 15mm maximum.

    So who would find this lovely machine useful?

    Basically anyone who loves print making! From students to professionals. The EZ Etching Press is commonly used for:-

    * Lino and wood cuts
    * Monoprints
    * Intaglio
    * Collographs
    * Etchings
    * Alternative and Solar Photography
    * and general print making



  • What's in the box?

    Now in stock
    You will receive the EZ Etching Press machine and a free download link to understand print making techniques in a useful 14 page document.
    We also supply a Free A3 MDF Mounting Board
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