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Foilcraft Mayfair - Kit A

Foilcraft Mayfair - Kit A


Foilcraft Mayfair Package
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    USD: $1780.00
    AUD: $2690.00
    EUR: €1680.00

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    The Foilcraft Mayfair is here! 

    Our latest model for the FoilCraft machine range.
    The Mayfair presents us with a vertical hot foil stamping machine for maximum ease of use.
     Still packed with clever design and a plethora of other features.

    Designed with personalistion in mind, the Foilcraft Mayfair has a maximum print area of 4.25"x2.25" (approx. 108mm x 57mm).

    This machine also boasts a grid marked sliding table  and a laser guide for precision alignment.

    With the Self-Centring Type holder, you can easily load metal or brass type letters up to a max print area of 3.25" x 3/4" (80mm width x 22mm height), or use a slip case to print multiple lines silultaneously (optional chase sold separately).

    The chase fits in the machine and will load to the same positions thanks to a specially designed bearing that allows the component to stop at the same place. Use this in tandem with print bead featuring a printed grid and the laser guide to ensure you always know where your print will land.


    You will be able carry out many types of printing. Personalising Leather goods such as wallets, luggage tags, bags and purses. You could also try other products, such as printing onto Coasters, Bookmarks etc. too!

    Features at a Glance

    Maximum Print Area:
    4.25" x 2.25" with a brass die block or 3.25" x 3/4" when working with metal type and the self-centring type holder.

    Small Footspace: 22cm Width x 33cm Depth x 43cm Height (without handle) allows you to fit the machine on most desktops or workstands.
    The weight of this machine is just 12KG so it is also easily portable!

    Height adjustable: Load products up to 30mm Thickness on the print table. Or remove the table for thicker products up to 45mm thickness.

    Print Bed with Grid:  Sliding Table with metric grid and spring clamps to hold your products in place. Table size: 20cm x 16m


    Top Down Pressure : As a vertical machine, pressure is applied evenly with the pull of the handle and this offers the ultimate ease of use as your block or type will land flat on your products.

    All our machines are available in either 110volt or 220volt, so the FoilCraft can be used Worldwide.


    Why choose the Foilcraft Mayfair Pro?

    The Foilcraft Mayfair is a revolutionary and incredibly versatile Hot Foil Machine.

    This model is loaded with new features for improved functionality for ease of use.

    We haven't cut any corners to bring you real value-for-money. In fact, our machines are robustly made and finished off with luxury matt oxidised black paintwork which will lend the machine to fit neatly into any setting (eg. Shop counter, office or home environment).

    We keep our profit margins low and also employ economies of scale to keep our prices extremely competitive. Making this high quality machine available at half the price when compared to any other quality product on the market.

    When you buy from us, you are not simply purchasing a machine; it's a lot more than that. For example, we supply you with clear and concise written instruction as well as an in-depth training DVD.

    Furthermore, we are always available at the end of the phone to offer you excellent after-sales support.

    We don't treat our hot foil machines as just another product - we are passionate about hot foil stamping and this has been in our DNA for 30+ years of experience!


    With CPL, you need not worry where to buy consumables from as we can supply everything from under one roof - from metal or brass type to dies, foils and other accessories.


  • What's in the Kit?


    1. FoilCraft MayfairManual hot foil printing machine with built-in Type Holding Chase (British Design)
    2. Metal Die hoder attachment (4.25" x 2.25")
    3.  Die bonding tape (25mm x 1 metre in length)
    4.  Piece of Presspahn backing substrate (15cm x 13cm)
    5. Piece of Rubber Cloth backing substrate (15cm x 10.5cm)
    6. Tool kit
    7. Training Video
    8. 12 Months warranty (back to base)

      No type is supplied with this machine, but it is available as an optional extra. Please click here for details

      1 x Roll of standard metallic gold foil
      1 x Pair of heat protective gloves

      Brass Type/Letters
      If you are looking to print onto soft or slightly textured leather, we would recommend using our brass type which is deeper etched and which may help to prevent mistakes or misprints. Please click here for details and refer to the second image which will show you the difference between metal type and brass type. Once on the above page, please explore other links to view our PDF Catalogue.


    Please Note: This machine is sent by Courier Service only due to its weight - please do not change this option at checkout. Thank you.

    Package Contents May Change on Final Release.

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