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E-mark Go Ruler Guide

E-mark Go Ruler Guide


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  • e-mark Ruler Guide

    The E-mark Go ruler offers perfect guidance for printing perfectly straight lines. With its precise positioning, you can now also print onto small, difficult or uneven surfaces with ease.

    The COLOP ruler features a recess within the guide to ensure your E-mark Go is positioned correctly and also has millimetre measuring so you can make sure everything is lined up perfectly before you print.

    Like the COLOP e-mark Ribbon Guides, the COLOP e-mark Ruler can be used together with other comsumables within the COLOP e-mark product range.



    • Ideal for accurate aligned printing onto large, small and uneven surfaces
    • Guarantees a perfectly straight imprint
    • Colour: Transparent sage
    • Material: ABS


    Weight: 88g
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 276.9 x 103.4 x 6mm
    Packaging Dimensions (L x W x H): 279 x 105 x 10mm


    *Item will be shipped from our central warehouse

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