1:1 Ratio Polyurethane Doming Resin x 10


1:1 Ratio Polyurethane Doming Resin x 10
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    This is 1:1 ratio Polyurethane Resin for Doming. This resin is semi-felxible and cures if left overnight (in about 12 hours) to form a perfect dome. Resin should be cured to at least constant room temperture of about 18 degrees centigrade.

    When curing resin, please ensure that it is covered adequately and is located in a dust-free area. Please ensure that the surface is also flat and the sticker sheet is held down firmly by using masking tape or similar.

    When using resin for the first time, dispense 2-3 bursts into an old jar or cup. This helps the two-part resin and hardener mix in well before applying to your pre-cut print media.

    Polyurethane Resin attracts moisture far more than epoxy resin hence its shelf life is that much shorter. We do not recomend part-using this resin as any moisture that gets into the resin cartridge will lead to unwanted bubbles settling into your domes (even once they have cured).

    Polyurethane resin is equally good for promotional items as well as outdoors. This resin is now supplied as a 1:1 ratio.


    Please note, that whilst the polyurethane resin is UV light-fast, images printed via a normal inkjet printer will not be, and as such, will fade over a  period of time.

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