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Out in Mid-September 2020 is our new 3D Printer for the hobbyist/semi professional. The EZ 3D is a standalone printer (not connected to your computer)

which allows you to create 3D objects using software, EZ 3D Printer and special filament (available in solid colours as well as glow-in-the-dark, multicolour, Wood , Gradient Colour, Carbon Fiber etc)

Designs are saved onto your micro SD card (supplied with our machine) and the micro SD card is then inserted into the EZ 3D Printer and the image or design is selected using the built-in LED screen.

At last, you can produce jewellery items, models, door handle openers, 'Lego' style bricks, cookie cutters, facemask and lots more. The EZ 3D Printer will provide hours of fun for all the family. Our EZ 3D Printer will come fully assembled and tested here before shipment. You will also receive various sizes of nozzles as well as some filament to get you started. The EZ 3D Printer also features a magnetic heated bed, which means it is a lot easier to remove the finished item from the print bed rather than using scrapers etc! With the software, you can create your own designs or simply print from 100's of ready-made objects! With the EZ 3D Printer, you can also create your own prototyping before production. Further detailed information and specification be found by clicking here

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