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Foilcraft Mayfair - Kit B - Pencil Printing

Foilcraft Mayfair - Kit B - Pencil Printing


Foilcraft Mayfair Package
Supplied with 10pt Brass Letters
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    Printing onto pencils represents a learning curve due to the fact that the letters are small (10pt), small print area on pencil, printing onto wood and aligining products correctly due to a small surface area.

    Pencils can also vary in quality and you must allow a certain percent as rejects and they must be built into your costings.

    Practice on cheap pencils first (available from pound shops) as each pencils gives you 12 attempts (6 on each end of pencil) Whilst pencils can be printed with the cheaper metal letters contained in the package, we would recomend upgrading to more sharper and durable brass letters, shown as options just below the contents of this kit.

    To get a good quality print, you must apply consistent downward pressure. The machine height must be adjusted correctly so that your letters are making a perfect contact when being pressed into the pencil. PRACTICE - PRACTICE - PRACTICE!

    Price Guide (RRP)

    GBP: £1983.06+VAT
    USD: $2370.00
    AUD: $3575.00
    EUR: €2230.00

    These are guide prices only and exclude shipping charges which can be advised on request.


    The Foilcraft Mayfair (New for 2021)
    The Foilcraft Mayfair is a vertical hot foil stamping machine for ease of use. It is packed with features which are not found on other machines within this price range.

    The Foilcraft Mayfair is designed with personalistion in mind and with quick change over of letters.


    This machine also boasts a grid marked sliding table  and a laser guide for precision alignment.

    We haven't cut any corners to bring you real value-for-money. our machines are robustly made and finished off with luxury matt oxidised black paintwork which will lend the machine to fit neatly into any setting (eg. high-end shop counter, office, workshop or home environment).

    When compared to other machines within this price range, the Foilcraft Mayfair stands heads and shoulders above the rest with its wide array of features.

    With the Foilcraft Mayfair, you will quickly be able to personalise leather goods such as wallets, luggage tags, passport covers, key fobs, notebooks as well as envelopes, ribbons, gift tags and much more. The Foilcraft Mayfair is an essential machine for a busy location.

    Printing onto smaller items such as Pencils is also simpler with very few adjustments needed to be made.

    Print areas when using:

    1) Self-Centring Letter Holder  8cm across x 2.2cm high. This equates to about 62pt high (3.25" x 3/4")  This item is suppied with the machine at no extra cost ot hold one line of letters.

    2) Slip Case Holder (Optional)  11cm x 3cm (4.25" x 1.25"). This item can hold a few lines of letters (depending on point size)  set within an optional Slip Cases.  Different point sizes of letters can be used on each line. This item is available at extra cost.

    3) Die Holder 11cm x 5.6cm (4.25" x 2.25" approx). This item is supplied with the machine at no extra cost.

    Height adjustable:
    Load products up to 30mm thickness on the print table,
    or remove the table for thicker products up to 45mm thickness (depending on size of product as additioanl support may be required)

    Print Bed
    1) Sliding print bed for easy of loading and unloading products
    2) Grid marked bed for easy alignment of work
    3) 2 x Spring clamps to hold your product down whilst printing
    4) Table size: 20cm x 16cm

    Laser Guide
    A feature only often found on more expensive machines is our laser guide which helps to to align your product accurately. The laser beam location can easily be adjusted as require. The laser beam can easily and safely be disconnecetd simply by pulling the adapter to the rear of the machine.

    Working light
    The Foilcraft Mayfair is available with an optional clamp on working light. This lamp is not directly connected to the machine but clamps onto it. This lamp currently works only on 220v. For North America, you should able to source this locally.

    The working light is very useful for those working is slightly dark work areas or where natural light is not readily available.

    Small Footspace:
    Width: 22cm (8.75")
    Depth: 33cm (13")
    Height: 43cm (17") without handle

    12kgs Unpacked. Easily transportable from home to office, workshop to trade fayres, pop-up shops etc.

    Available in 220v or 110v. Can be used worldwide using normal domestic power supply.



  • What's in the Kit?

    What's in the Kit?

    10pt High Quality brass type is supplied with this machine - ready for personalising names and initials.
    For other type options and sizes, please click here.


    • FoilCraft Mayfair manual hot foil printing machine
    • Self-centring one line letter holder
    • Die holder attachment (4.25" x 2.25")
    • Die bonding tape (25mm x 1 metre in length)
    • Piece of Presspahn backing substrate (15cm x 13cm)
    • Piece of Rubber Cloth backing substrate (15cm x 10.5cm)
    • 10pt. Helvetica Light Brass Typeset - 100 Piece set (Capitals & Numbers) - £248.06+VAT
    • Pack of 10pt Brass Quads & Spacers - £40.00+VAT
    • 10pt Slip Case - £40.00+VAT
    • Pencil Chase and Spacing Furniture - RRP = £95.00+VAT
    • Mayfair Pencil Jig Attacment - RRP = £65.00+VAT
    • Tool kit
    • Instruction video
    • 12 Months warranty (back to base)

      1 x Roll of standard metallic gold foil
      1 x Pair of heat protective gloves



      1) Working Lamp £20.00+VAT
      when available(Currently the lamp is only available in 220v. The Foilcraft Mayfair Hot Foil Stamping Machine is available in 220v as well as 110v)

      2) Spare Self-centring letter holder £125.00+VAT
      One self-centring letter holder is supplied with the machine but extra ones are available at a cost of £125.00+VAT each. This is great option for a busy location where one person could be setting up the next job.

      3) Multiple line letter holder £95.00+VAT
      If you wish to print more than one of text, then you will benefit from this optional multiple letter holder. The maximum this can house are 2 x 36pt Slip Cases or other combination providing it does not exceed the above. This item is also required if printing with smaller letters such as 10pt as small letters will not secure withing the self-centring letter holder.  Slip Cases, Quads & Spacers are available as options too - please enquire.

      4) Spare die holder £75.00+VAT
      One die holder is supplied with the machine but extra ones are available at a cost of £75.00+VAT.

      5) Letters
      You can upgrade to high quality brass letters as the letetrs contained in this package are 'enconomy letters' . You can view the various options and prices by clicking here and here.

    Please Note: This machine is sent by Courier Service only due to its weight - please do not change this option at checkout. Thank you.

    Package Contents may change as this section is still under construction. Please contact us for final confirmation





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