Blank Pencils for 
Hot Foil Stamping

Colour of Pencils.png

Our feedback has show us that there were a lack of pencil suppliers in the UK for hot foil stamping.

We carefully listened to our customers needs and decided to spend thousands of pounds by stocking HB pencils in rainbow colours! These are hexagonal pencils which measure 7-7.5" overall (to the tip of the eraser)
(Our pencils are currently being manufactured and should be available around 2nd week of June 2022).

We have decided to stock 14 different colours of HB Pencils, many in beautiful pastel colours. All our pencils will come with a white eraser and silver ferrule. Our pencils will be supplied  as unsharpened to avoid any damage in transit.

Our pencils are super smooth for hot foil stamping onto, or even pad printing, screen printing or laser engraving!

What will you hot foil stamp onto a pencil? Perhaps:-

a) Kids names/schools

b) Adults names
c) Quotes from books & films
d) Star Signs and Horoscope traits

e) Business names for promotions

f) Funny and amusing messages

... the list is endless and we can make it happen for you with one of your ready-made pencil printing/stamping packages:-

1) Foilcraft Junior

2) Foilcraft EZ Pro

3) Foilcraft Mayfair

Advance orders being taken on HB Pencils - available around 2nd week of June 2022

Our hexagonal pencils are supplied unsharpened and with a white eraser and silver ferrule only.  We will initially be stocking 14 colours (Rainbow) of pencils as follows. Initial supplies will be limited as we learn which colours prove to be more popular, in which case we may order in larger quantities of the more popular colours. We do not supply pencil cases as yet and your pencils will be carefully packed and shipped in a cardboard box or jiffy bag depending on the quantity ordered.

Colours available (Outer):-
Black, White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Dark Green, Light Green, Mint, Dark Blue, Mid Blue, Baby Blue, Dark Purple, Pink, Baby Pink.

Sample pack, 1 of each colour (14 Pencils) :-  £4.90 + Shipping + VAT
0-50 @35p each
100 @ 34p each
250 @33p each
500+ @32p each

Sold in 50's of a colour only.  Colours can be combined to achieve the quantity discount (minimum of 50 per colour)


Pencils are manufactured in large quantities and some minor differences may occur from time to time. Whilst this is not visible to the naked eye, this may show up in the print. Our pencils are sold on this basis and no returns are accepted for whatever reason.