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Brass Type for Hot Foil Printing

Brass Type


Durable Brass Letters available for hot foil stamping.
Call us to purchase on 01708-731294

  • Product Info

    We can supply brass type in a range of styles and sizes. Brass Type is made to order only. Please click here to download PDF to view oither type faces and prices.

    Our brass type is made to the most rigorous standards from hard brass. The body is first machined to the exact point size and then ground accurately to the type height.

    The characters are deeply engraved using special jigs to ensure perfect alignment and excellent definition on most surfaces, when used in a  hot foil printing machine.

    Our range of faces have been gradually increased and now includes 60 styles as can be seen in our catalogue. We can now reproduce almost any fount of your choice in addition to our standard 60 styles. Just send us a PDF or a fount file and we will be able to quote you accordingly!

    The style sheets have been arranged for ease of comparison with sans serif faces first, followed by light serif faces, then Roman faces. Finally the scripts, decorative faces and foreign language fonts.

    Most faces are also available with accented letters for foreign languages (please supply details of requirements).

    Where frequently used words or phrases are required, dies can be supplied. 

  • Download PDF here

    Please click here to download a PDF showing some of our most popular brass typefaces.

    Rememeber, if what you require is not here, we can always engrave a special style for you - just send us a fount file and we will offer you a quotation.

    Quads & Spacers
    In addition to choosing type, you will also require suitable size 'Slip Cases' to hold letters in a straight line inside the machine as we as 'Quads & Spacers'. We supply both of these items, details of which can be seen by clicking onto the above links.

    Brass Type
    If you are looking to print onto soft leather, then you may benefit from deeper etched brass type which we also supply, made to order. Both, Type and Dies are supplied subject to our Terms & Conditions.

    With deeper etched brass letters, you are more likely to avoid misprints when stamping onto soft leather than you are with Metal Letters. We are happy to test free of charge onto your products to determine suitability of type, subject to our T&C's.

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