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The ZX-40 Ultra Ribbon Printer - Unlimited Creative Options!

Did you know that the ZX-40 Ultra Ribbon Printer is an easy-to-use, versatile machine that can also print onto stickers, vinyl and wash-care/iron-on labels as well as ribbons?

(Pictured: The ZX-40 Ultra Ribbon Printer, Black and Red Wash-care Foil, Wash-care and Iron-on Labels)

We want to show you how fast and easy the printing process can be, and how you can use the ZX-40 Ultra to bring your entire sticker printing process in house. This can save you a lot of time and money.

No more waiting around for Couriers to send in your sticker orders from external companies – simply print whatever you want, exactly when you need it!

You can design and print single stickers, or print multiple at a time at your own pace. When setting your print properties, you can increase the number of copies you would like to print. It's as easy as that! Please find a quick video below to show how you can print one warning label, and then how you can also print the same label in batches:

You can even use the ZX-40 Ultra to print QR Codes onto Sticker Vinyl. Take a look at an example of this here:

Our friendly team are always available to have a chat about what you are looking to achieve, and help recommend a suitable package for you.

You can contact us at for advice at anytime! Or call us on 01708 731294, or chat with us via Whatsapp on +44 7542 592589.

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