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The CPL EZ Etching Press - Available Now!

The EZ Etching Press is a great low-cost machine for students, beginners as well as professionals. It’s maintenance-free and uses no electricity.

The EZ Etching Press is often used for lino and wood cuts, monoprints, intaglio printing, collagraphs, etchings, alternative and solar photography and general print making. You can easily create a print bed yourself out of low-cost material such as MDF or Plywood if required.

With its 15” wide durable rubber rollers, the EZ Etching Press can accept small and large prints. It’s height adjustable up to 15mm to allow you to adjust the tension between the rollers and your artwork, thus allowing you to etch using linocut as well as polymer plates. The EZ Etching Press weighs just 6.5kg, you can take it to any location with ease. As it is compact and light, shipping costs are low too! What A BONUS!

With space at a premium in most homes and studios, we have designed this EZ Etching Press to fold away for easy storage.

It’s robustly made with high quality bearings and a hammer finish. The wheel is effortless to turn both forward and reverse. We are sure that the EZ Etching Press will give you many years of trouble-free service and lots of fun along the way. We can also ship worldwide, please send us an email to

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