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Sticker Printing with the ZX-40 Ultra!

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the ZX-40 Ultra ribbon printer already, you may already have one. But, did you know, it’s not just for printing onto ribbons?

There’s a whole heap of items you can personalise by printing onto self-adhesive vinyl using sticker foils for indoor and outdoor use. This means you can print stickers for car bumpers, floor warning stickers, security stickers, skateboard stickers, caravan or motor-home stickers, product labeling plus loads more!

When you type into Google ‘gift ideas’ you are automatically shown personalised items which are all the rage! I recently printed onto clear vinyl using the ZX-40 Ultra and a metallic colour foil. I then stuck the sticker onto an empty wine bottle and placed fairy lights inside so it can be used as an ornament (just used it as an excuse really to drink the wine 😊)

If the bottle is for a gift, you could then print a personalised ribbon for gift wrapping the present. I think this helps to give an extra special touch, don’t you?

If you're creative and love making gifts for friends and family, why not give the ZX-40 Ultra a try.

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