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New ZX-40+ Ribbon Printer

We shall soon be launching our new ZX-40+ Ribbon Printer for printing onto satin ribbons, florists ribbons, sashes, self-adhesive vinyl signs, bumper stickers, washcare labels, iron on labels, shoe labels etc.

The ZX-40+ features a new design plus a colour LED Screen featuring our logo and branding.

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Beverley Gant
Beverley Gant
15 Φεβ

I was looking at thee ZX40 what size ribbon widths does it cover and how much is the reel feed holder please.

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Our ZX-40 printer can work with ribbon from 5mm - 100mm width. The machine is best suited to print onto single or double faced satin ribbon. The external holder is supplied with the machine. For more details please see our packages on:

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