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The New Silhouette Cameo 4

Recently we had the release of the brand new Cameo 4 Cutting Machine from Silhouette and what a release it is!!!

As with each new generation of the Cameo machines. Silhouette have done their best to determine what the Cameo machine needs for the best user experience and having spent some time with the machine we are really impressed.

Here are a few key features:

• 3x Faster Than The Cameo 3 • Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity • PixScan Technology • Built-In Roll Feeder • Built-In Vinyl Crosscutter

• Cut Width: 12″ • Increased Speed & Power • 3mm Head Clearance For Thicker Materials • New Tool Compatibility (Rotary Blade | Kraft Blade & Punch Tool - coming soon!)

If you have a moment also check out the video below which shows the new machine off fully:

We think the in-built roll feed and the new tools will really make the difference and we fully expect the Cameo 4 to excel over previous systems.

For self adhesive vinyl you no longer need to mess around working out how to load a roll of vinyl or purchase the front roll feed as was necessary on the older systems.

For those customers looking to cut fabric and other materials, the Rotary Blade is for you.

Check out the video below showing this tool in use in the high pressure carriage on the

Cameo 4:

All the above and we haven't mentioned the new Auto-detect update on the Cameo 4.

The machine now has a special sensor on the blades made for the machine so that it will register what type of blade is loaded. You no longer have to worry about selecting this in the design studio so now you just need to verify the cut settings.

For any users with a previous machine, your carrier mats and blades wil still be compatible. The blades are loaded in a special collar which has the same special sensor piece built in for the machine to detect for you.

I am sure there is more to come with the Cameo 4 machine. So keep checking back on our website for the new tools and accessories.

Until next time.


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