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Meet the Cameo’s petite sibling! The New Silhouette Portrait 2!

The Silhouette Portrait 2 is a lot like it’s big brother the Cameo 3.

Like your average siblings, they have very similar features but on different scales.

I’m sure we have all had those moments where we have sketched the perfect image, but simply cannot transfer it into a digital design. The Portrait 2 is PixScan compatible. This means I can place any printed image or hand-drawn sketch onto the PixScan mat and it will cut precisely around them! Revolutionary!

I can hear your excitement as you learn of the new Bluetooth feature. Finally, no more wires! Giving you that sleek look to your workspace. Don’t worry for those who prefer a wired connection as there is also a USB cable supplied too.

For those of you that have projects with a maximum cutting area of 8” x 12” and a clearance height no larger than 2mm, this is the plotter for you! If you’d prefer things on a larger scale, do check out it’s big brother, the Cameo 3!

If like me, you’re fed up with purchasing the same birthday or Christmas cards year in, year out – then make your own! The Portrait 2 is perfect for this, it can cut cardstock, vinyl, paper and other materials using the AutoBlade! Be unique! Feel accomplished!

Interested? Want more information? Please click here

Silhouette Potrait 2 Cutting Machine

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