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Cyanotype - Alternative Photography

The cyanotype is a slow-reacting, economical photographic printing formulation sensitive to a limited near ultraviolet and blue light spectrum, the range 300 nm to 400 nm known as UVA radiation. It produces a cyan-blue print used for art as monochrome imagery applicable on a range of supports, and for reprography in the form of blueprints. For any purpose, the process usually uses two chemicals: ferric ammonium citrate or ferric ammonium oxalate, and potassium ferricyanide, and only water to develop and fix. Announced in 1842, it is still in use.

Source: Wikipedia

UV Ultra MK 4 Plate Maker.png

Typically, for consistent results, a UV Exposure Unit, such as our affordable UV Ultra MK4 Exposure Unit is used when creating Cyanotype or Toyobo Plates.

This is a quality UV Exposure Unit as used by many professionals such as Schools, Colleges, Universities, Art Schools, Individuals, Printers, Artists and much more.

Below are a few videos made by our customers which demonstrate how they use our UV Ultra Exposure Unit to create various types of prints.

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