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Die Bonding tape for attaching Hot Foil Dies

Die bonding tape


Die Bonding Tape for attaching dies to the die holding block
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    Die bonding tape is designed to attach the die to the die holding block when printing. The die is heated upto the required temperature and then a small amount of die bonding tape is placed onto the back of the die and  pressed onto the hot block (using heat protective gloves). The heat tape activates in about 30 seconds and holds the die to the die holding block, ready for printing.


    The size of the die bonding tape is 25mm x 1 metre in length.


    If you would prefer not to use the die bonding tape, then why not take a look at our new and innovative 'Lock-A-Block' die holding system, which does away with heat tape and makes it a breeze to attach or remove a 1/4" thick die. Please click here for details.

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