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LED UV Vacuum Exposure Unit

LED UV Vacuum Exposure Unit


LED UV Exposure Unit with Vacuum Blanket
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    LED UV Exposure Units with Vacuum Blanket

    Get £50 off if you can personally collect this item from our warehouse (subject to confirmation). This is a heavy and fragile item and less chance of anything getting damaged if you make your own collection and transport it safely rather than a courier where it goes through many hands. Our normal price: £899.00+Shipping+VAT, Collection Price: £849.00+VAT


    For the ultimate in reproduction definition, a LED vacuum exposure unit has to be the choice.
    Unlike the pressure pad units this machine uses a vacuum to ensure the artwork and material to be exposed are held in perfect contact.

    Suitable for use in exposure of Screen Printing Screens, The exposure process can be complete in as little as 30 seconds!

    Provisional Technical details (subject to change):


    •Model : LED  Vacuum Exposure Unit
    •Power: 220V/50Hz
    • Light source:LED light
    • Lamp power*amount:10W*80PCS (800W)
    • Digital display of exposure time setting
    • Exposure time:10-30seconds
    • Max.frame size : 500*600mm
    • Machine Dimensions (approx): 80cm x 78cm x 24cm
    • Machine Weight (approx): 40kg


    Also Features an adjustable timer from 1-999 seconds.
    The vacuum duration is also selectable and the machine will first countdown the vacuum time to establish good contact and then enable the High Power UV Lights to begin the exposure process.

    All units come complete with a British 3-pin plug.

    These units have  UV Lights with an emission peak of 365NM.

    * vacuum pipe is approximately 25mm diagonally in from top left corner
    of the exposure area. The tube can be used to create a seal within a screen frame

    a) These exposure units are imported by sea, so please expect some tarnish to hinges, clamps etc . These are only cosmetic and do not affect the operation of the exposure units in anyway whastoever.

    b) These exposure units are used for many applications and as such, we have not tested them on all of them. You must therefore satisfy yourself that the product which you wish to expose is suitable for exposure by this UV Unit by contacting your supplier for the items which you wish to expose to. Thank you.

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