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PS-AUTO Pad Printer - 90mm Electric Operated Pad Print Machine

PS-AUTO Pad Printer - 90mm Electric Operated Pad Print Machine



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  • The Package


    Our new closed cup semi-auto pad printing machine!
    This marvelous machine connects to a normal power supply and completes the full stamping motion of the pad print process!

    The operator can control stamping speed and make one-off stamps with the machine (to test stamp). You can also re-posistion your pad and adjust the height table to control the downward stamping pressure.

    Features and Benefits:

    • 90mm Closed Cup Ink Cup  This is a world first!
    • Height and Positional Adjustment - Used to control travel of the machine and ensure accurate stamping.
    • Electric Operation - Increases Productivity for your operation.
    • Easy to Use Pad Holder 
    • Removable and Height Adjustable Worktable 
    • Compact Tabletop Size: 54cm x 37cm x 52cm
    • Machine Weight : 19.5kg


    PS-AUTO Pad Printer - Machine Only

    1) PS-AUTO Closed Cup Pad Printer £1299.00+VAT 
    2) Free Training DVD, Instruction Manual & Troubleshooting
    Health & Safety Data Sheets 


    These pad printers are imported by sea, so may show some minor tarnishing to some parts of the machine. These are only cosmetic and do not affect the operation of the pad printer in anyway whastoever.
    All pad printers are quality checked by us before being shipped out.

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