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Semi-Automatic one Colour Pad Printer

1 Colour Semi-Automatic Pad Printer (Advance orders taken)

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    High quality one colour semi-automatic pad printer with closed inkcup. Inkcup sizes available in 55mm, 70mm and 90mm. These items are available as a special order only with a lead time of about 4-5 weeks from receipt of order/payment.


    55mm Inkcup Semi-Auto Pad Printer: £2800.00+VAT
    70mm Inkcup Semi-Auto Pad Printer: £3430.00+VAT
    90mm Inkcup Semi-Auto Pad Printer: £3999.00+VAT

    These high quality semi-automatic pad printers must not be confused with inferior (similiar looking) pad printers available elsewhere. Everything on our pad printers moves smoothtly and effortlessy as it should do - this is not the same on other similiar looking copycat systems on the market - please beware.

    These machines requires an optional compressor - price available on request.

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