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Pad Printing Cliches - Water Washable

Pad Printing Plates 200mm x 100mm


10 x Pad Printing Plates 200mm x 100mm
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  • Product Information

    Pad Printing Cliche Plates

    Cliche plates are made from a light sensitive polymer material with a steel backing sheet and require exposure with a UV exposure unit to produce your own pad printing plate. 
    (These plates are not suitable for engraving)

    Please note that the plate will need to be exposed with good quality artwork and following the correct process for exposure and washout to give a good result.

    Guidelines can be provided but some user skill is needed and there are limitations to what can be exposed to a polymer plates. 

    Unsued Plates should be stored away from any lightsource and only opened in subdued light.

    Other sizes can be cut to specification, a small tolerance must be allowed as all plates are cut manually.

    If you need to place a custom order, please contact us for more details.

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