Mini Doming Starter Kit

Mini Doming Starter Kit


Mini Doming Starter Kit
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    Mini Doming Starter Kit

    You can select this suggested kit if you already have a computer links cutting system.

    This Starter Kit includes:-
    1 x Resin Carridge with Nozzle (£5.99+VAT)
    2 x Spare Nozzles (£1.40+VAT)
    1 x Application Gun (£20.00+VAT)
    1 x Bubble Removing Gun (£16.00+VAT)
    5 x A4 Sheets of Inkjet Doming Media (£8.00+VAT)
    Safety Goggles & two pairs of Latex Gloves (£6.00+VAT)

    a)  An empty disposable lighter is supplied with the bubble removing gun but without any fuel.  We are unable to supply fuel but you should be able to purchase this easily locally.

    b) Resin takes about 12 hours to dry at normnal room temperature of about 18 degrees centigrade. 


    c) Use disposable gloves when handling resin and do not touch eyes, mouth etc. Keep resin away from children or flames. Please refer to our health and safety data sheet for further guidance. These are always supplied with our resin. If, for some reason, you do not have a copy, please request one from us as it can be emailed to you too.


    d) If you have only part-used our epoxy resin, please make sure it is sealed with the twist and lock cap supplied (comes with the resin cartridge). Please make sure that you use a fresh nozzle each time you reuse the resin cartridge as the old one would have hardened up and would not be reusable.

    If you have any queries, please contact our support team on 01708-731294 during weekdays for assistance.