Inkjet Print Media x 50 x A4 Sheets

Inkjet Print Media x 50 x A4 Sheets


Inkjet Print Media x 50 x A4 Sheets
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    Our premium non-porous inkjet media is brilliant for making high-quality domes.  

    This is a self-adhesive two-part semi-glossy print media, deigned to give you optimum results. This media can be kiss-cut on most elecronic cutters with an optical eye (eg. Silhouette Portrait, Silhouette Cameo or other similiar machines).

    The backing adhesive on this media is strong and pressure senstive. Once the dome is firmly pressed onto a product, it will stay there for a very long time. To ensure that you do not end up wasting a dome, it is best to carefully 'float' the dome onto your product and 'nudge' into place with your nails. Once happy with the location, press down firmly all the way around to enure a good adhesion.  

    Please avoid touching the sticky side of the dome/decal and the surface on which it is being applied to. The reasoning behind this is that we leave traces of grease from our hands which can then act as an barrier and prevent a good contact/adhesion between the dome and the product.

    Similiarily, please do not use furniture polish, deodrant spray or air fresheners in the vicinity of where you are doming as the silicone contained in these products can cause a barrier towards good adhesion.


    Please do not be tempted to use inferior sticky paper as they can often be porous and will let the resin seep through and thus prevent a perfect dome from being formed. Also, on poor quality inkjet media, the print and adhesion properties may not be as good.

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