Economy Pad Printing Package


A ready-to-go 70mm inkcup diameter manual pad pad printing machine

  • The Package

    A ready-to-go Package at just £887.70+VAT

    1) PS-21C Manual Closed Cup Pad Printer £599.00+VAT 
    2) Plate Maker for making Pad Printing Plates £125.00+VAT   
    3) 1 Litre Retarder (Ink Thinner) £22.00+VAT*
    4) 1 Squeegee Bottle £2.50+VAT
    5) Lint-Free Wipes £2.50+VAT
    6) Pad Number 1: £15.00+VAT
    7) Pad Number 2: £15.00+VAT
    8) Pad Number 3: £15.00+VAT
    9) Pad Number 4: £15.00+VAT
    10) Pad Number 5: £15.00+VAT
    11) 2 x A4 Artwork Sheets for use with laser printer £1.20+VAT 
    12) 1 x Plate washing brush £6.00+VAT
    13) 2 x Blank Water Washable Clichés £7.50+VAT
    14) Small pot of red ink £7.50+VAT**
    15) Small pot of blue ink £7.50+VAT **
    16) Small pot of white ink £7.50+VAT**
    17) Small pot of black ink £7.50+VAT**
    18) Sceen Tint (For Cliche Plate Exposure) £17.00+VAT
    19) Free Training DVD, Instruction Manual & Troubleshooting
    20) Health & Safety Data Sheets 


    (Items marked with * and ** cannot be shipped overseas by air due to airline regulations. However, you should be able to purchase these easily enough locally from your printers ink suppliers.

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