• Paige Harvey

The Innovative Lock-A-Block

Tired of trying to pries your dies from the die mounting plate which could in turn potentially damage your die?

Don’t stress, we have a solution!

The innovative Lock-A-Block Attachment allows you to attach and remove dies quickly and easily.

You may find that adhesives used to attach your die to the mounting plate are leaving a sticky residue that’s hard to get rid of and thus causing your die to become uneven. Therefore, not giving you an even print. The Lock-A-Block uses four grub screws to hold your die, no more using tapes or adhesives. You’ll be left with a clean die that sits flat against the plate when using the Lock-A-Block Attachment.

Let's see how it works:

The Lock-A-Block it’s self is approximately 4”x3”. The maximum die size that can be used is 65mm x 80mm (1/4” thick) - For use with our FoilCraft 4x3 Hot Foil Machine and the FoilCraft EZ Pro Hot Foil Machine.

For more info, please click here.

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