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Using the Induction Sealing Machine

Induction Sealing Machine

If you need to seal a bottle we have you covered!

Our induction sealers are one of the easiest systems to understand from our range of products.

After placing a foil lining film into you bottle cap, you screw the lid into place and position the hand held attachment on top, at the press of a button the job is done!

The machine uses magnetic energy to create heat which in turn forms a seal between a foil film to the neck of a bottle. The induction sealer normally seals most films within 1-2 seconds and it’s suitable for bottles with a diameter between 20mm and 100mm.

We have more details and a video of the machine on:

We have found you can even seal postal bottles with our machine. Our tip is to hold the sealer at each end of the postal bottle and seal once at each end. This ensures the seal is complete so nothing leaks out!

If you like we can offer to test a sample bottle here for you, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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