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Quicktrim Polymer Hot Foil Plate

Quicktrim Polymer Hot Foil Plate


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    Now you can save money  and trurnaround jobs the same day by making your own hot foil plates in-house.

    No need to wait days for plates to arrive by post, no need to lose business,. save money by making your plates a lot cheaper, add any fonts/typestyles and any logos.


    The QuickTrim is a new type of hot foil plate whcih is supplied as an A4 Sheet. You can easily cut this down to smaller pieces using a pair of sharp scissors (not supplied here). Our QuickTrim Hot Foil Plates can work upto 160 degrees Centigrade. They can also be mounted onto your die holding block using die bonding tape (not supplied here).

    With the QuickTrim Plate, it costs just a  fraction to make your own hot foil plates when compared to metal plates.

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